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Experience The Impossible, Virtually.

Watch the trailer to see how audiences have been responding to Virtual Impossibilities:

About the show

Virtual Impossibilities is a fully interactive, online performance of mind-reading and mentalism by the critically-acclaimed and award-winning entertainer and showman, Eric Walton. In this highly engaging and thoroughly entertaining, virtual show, Eric presents many of the astonishing feats of mind-reading and mental acuity that have made him one of New York City's top mentalists.


Eric has carefully adapted material from his live performance repertoire to suit the virtual format, and has also developed entirely new routines, tailored specifically for this exciting platform.


Far from being mere passive viewers of the show, the audiences for Virtual Impossibilities participate actively in the performance, engaging and interacting directly with Eric throughout the experience!

Audience and Client Testimonials

"Eric did an amazing job of reading the room and engaging the virtual audience - we had a larger group and everyone was very engaged the entire time.  This is by far the best virtual event that my team has done during COVID!" 

~Lauren G., Google, Inc

"I would just like to take the time and send a HUGE THANK YOU! You did an amazing job with the show yesterday. The residents LOVED it and so did I!"

-Ashley H., corporate client, Dunwoody, GA

"THANK YOU! It was a phenomenal performance and I'm so glad we got to see your talents."

-Fortune 100 corporate client, San Francisco, CA

 "It's kind of ‘timeless’ - meaning it could have been done 100 years ago, or 100 years hence. It’s literate. It’s suspenseful. I would add that the delight for me, is that we know we’re being ‘tricked’, but have no idea how."

Peter K., private client, New York

"Thanks again for everything — last night was a hit! I would occasionally watch the astonished faces of the Zoom crowd, who seemed really engaged. A smashing success!"

-David B., corporate client, San Francisco, CA

"What a fab show! Thank you, Eric. That was ace."

-Veronika N., show participant, Hove, U.K.

"Fantastic! Impossibly fun and dazzling entertainment!"

-Lisa H., show participant, New York City

"Unbelievably brilliant!"

-Sally M., show participant, Brighton, U.K.


About the performer

Eric Walton mentalist.jpg

Eric Walton has been a performer of the mystery arts for over two decades, during which time he has presented his singular brand of magic and mentalism at theaters, performing arts centers, comedy clubs, universities, and festivals throughout the United States and in the U.K.


Both of his live, one-man shows, Esoterica and Eric Walton: Mentalist, have been produced Off-Broadway in New York City and in London. His performances have garnered the accolades of theater critics from the New York Times, the New York Post, the London Times, Variety, Gothamist.com, and a host of other media outlets in the United States and the United Kingdom. He lives in and livestreams from Manhattan.


“A very entertaining one-man show...a mix of magic, mentalism and intelligent chat. He does all three impressively.”

~The New York Times


“Walton plies his trade with the utmost professionalism, prompting frequent cries of wonderment with his apparent ability to both read minds and manipulate decks of playing cards.”

~The New York Post


"A masterclass in card magic and mentalism, served up with an arch intellectualism that doesn't take itself too seriously. An absolute pleasure."

~The London Times


“A master of his art...highly recommended to all."

~The List (U.K.)

"He commands the stage while tossing off clever one-liners and performing incredible feats of skill...the show is a theatrical riot, a magical comedy full of dazzling card tricks and mind games."

~Zink Magazine

"Walton quickly establishes himself as the sharpest knife in the drawer...thankfully, he has a comic’s instinct for taking the air out his own pomposity. Walton's wizardry will leave you speechless and perhaps just a little freaked out."


Please visit here to read more press reviews or here for client testimonials.


Booking the show

Click here to find out if Eric is available to perform Virtual Impossibilities for your next online event.

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